Clothes Dryer Fire Prevention Tips

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Many seem to underestimate the importance of dryer safety probably because they are just like any other appliances that do not appear scary or dangerous. However, the dryer alone causes 2900 house fires every year, with millions of dollars in damage, many injured and even lives lost. Not to scare you with these stats, but to let you understand why you need to make dryer safety precautions a priority. Hence, we have put together these prevention tips to ensure you, your loved ones, and your belongings are protected from dryer fire hazards.

Use the right materials and ensure proper installation

Sometimes, the causes of dryer fires can be as a result of improper installation or purchasing the wrong dryer vent materials. It is always recommended to use solid metallic material for dryer ducts with a smooth inside finish. Vinyl, plastic, or foil duct are not always advisable as they can easily catch lint, or cause blockage of the airflow. Moreover, proper installation can make a lot of difference in ensuring safety. The good thing is there are professional Dryer Air duct services that have the knowledge and experience of the proper units, sizes, materials, and the right installation method that can prevent accidents from happening.

Keep your dryer free from lint

Lint is extremely flammable and is one of the major causes of fire hazards in many households. Lints buildup prevents hot air from escaping quickly from the dryer vent. One good habit you have to cultivate to avoid this is to get rid of any lint and dust from your dryer vent both before and after every drying cycle. Cleaning Lint in dryer vent is a must to ensure safety.

Ensure there is no blockage at the vent pipe

A clogged dryer vent is also one of the major culprits of fire hazards. That excessive lint collected, dirt and even bird nest can be major obstruction restricting the easy flow of hot moist air in the dryer vent. This can lead to overeating and can spark a fire. That is why it is important to conduct regular cleaning of both inside and outside of the exhaust vent regularly. This way, you can ensure those annoying blockages do not ruin your dryer or cause a fire.

Conduct regular check-up

One of the main causes of dryer fires is inadequate cleaning and maintenance. That is why is important to get the dryer cleaned at least once a year professionally. If it is a large house with a high frequency of usage of the dryer, considered getting it serviced by an expert twice a year. A seasoned Dryer vent cleaning services in New Jersey will inspect the dryer, exhaust, and venting system. They will also give you expert tips on how to properly care for it and ensure safety.

Never leave your dryer running unattended

Who doesn’t love throwing loads of clothes into the dryer while running some errands or getting some decent sleep? However, anything can go wrong. An accident can happen, wiring can overheat, flammable stains can trigger fire, and many more. Being present and staying vigilant while the dryer is running can go a long way in preventing things from going worse. Plus, you can easily call emergency services for help.



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